The configuration options available are:

  • layout: this option must be set to contact_us

  • title: the title of the page which will be visible in the browser window

  • permalink: the path to the page, e.g. /contact-us/. Except for slashes denoting a category, the permalink should be alphanumeric (consisting only of letters, numbers, and dashes). No special characters such as ? or % should be used. For aesthetic reasons, we further recommend that you avoid the use of capital letters

  • agency_name: the text that will appear after "Get in touch with". Defaults to the title in _config.yml if left unspecified. Optional

  • locations: a list of addresses to be displayed. Optional. Each location supports the following configuration options:

    • title: the title or name of this location, e.g. "HQ"

    • address: the address of the location. See the sample configuration below for an example of a multi-line address

    • maps_link: a link to the address on an online map service such as Google Maps or OneMap. If left unspecified, a Google Maps link will be automatically generated from the address. Optional

    • operating_hours: a list of days, time, and description of the location's operating hours. Optional

  • contacts: a list of contact details to be displayed. Optional. Each contact supports the following configuration options:

    • title: the title or name of this contact, e.g. "General Enquiries"

    • content: a list of phone, email, or other contacts under this title

Sample configuration of a contact us page:

layout: contact_us
title: Contact Us
permalink: /contact-us/
agency_name: Ministry of ABC
  - title: Main Office
        - 31 Sesame Street
        - Big Bird Building
        - Singapore 123456
      - days: Mon - Fri
        time: 8.30am - 6.00pm
        description: Closed on Public Holidays
      - days: Sat
        time: 8.30am - 12.00pm
  - title: Branch Office
        - 109 North Bridge Road
        - Singapore 179097
  - title: General Enquiries & Feedback
    - phone: +65 6123 4567
    - email:
    - other: Any text here <i>including HTML</i>
  - title: Careers
    - email:

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