Digital KPI

This section covers details about the WOGAA Inspect errors which are powered by Google Lighthouse Audit.

Most, if not all of the errors raised CAN be fixed by users directly by making appropriate edits. We've pulled out a few commonly raised issues below.

Are you seeing these errors on WOGAA?

A common reason why you're seeing these errors on WOGAA is because you've forgotten to set the url on config.yml file.

The url: field is usually on line 2 of config.yml file. Make sure that you've inserted your website's URL.

Issues that are pending Isomer's team to resolve

Here's a list of issues that are pending Isomer team to resolve. Please ignore these errors, and if you have other errors fixed, you can still hit the target score of 90.

The team will work on fixing these issues and will provide an update once it's fixed.

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