On GitHub, we keep 2 separate copies of each site on 2 separate "branches" - staging and master.

You might also remember that you were asked to make sure that you are in the staging branch of the repository. Isomer sites will always have at least 2 branches - staging and master. The staging branch is where you can make edits freely without affecting your live site. Your changes can be previewed on the staging URL, which is also separate from your live site.

When you're happy with your changes and want to push them to your live site, open a pull request to the master branch.

The staging branch is where you do your editing and preview your edits. Once you're ready for your edits to go live, you'll need to "copy" the staging branch to the master branch. This is done using what is known as a pull request.

To publish a page, you have to follow the steps

Proceed to the next page to find out how to create a pull request.

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