The information section, or infobar, can be used to provide additional information to users, and also serves as another opportunity to direct users to pages of interest. The infobar does not support images - if you require images, use infopic instead.

The infobar consists of the following options:

  • title: the title that will be displayed in large font in the infobar

  • subtitle: the subtitle that will be displayed in small font and all caps. Optional

  • description: a brief write up you can add to provide the user with more information. Optional

  • button: the text on the link that will appear on the bottom on the infobar. Optional together with url

  • url: the URL the link points to. Optional together with button

Sample configuration for infobar:

- infobar:
    title: Work for the public good
    subtitle: Careers
    description: Start a fulfulling and rewarding career with the Ministry of ABC!
    button: Join Us
    url: /careers/

Bonus tip!

If you'd like to insert a video on your infobar, you can paste the iframe snipped under the description field.

And you will yield a result as seen below.

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