Similar to the infobar, the information section with picture (infopic) can be used to provide additional information to users, and also serves as another opportunity to direct users to pages of interest. The photo and text will be placed side by side (horizontally), and the order will alternate with each successive infopic.

As the background also alternates between white and a subdued shade of blue, we strongly recommend that the whitespace background, if any, be made transparent instead of white or any other color. The PNG file format supports transparent backgrounds. You may follow these instructions to edit your image to have a transparent background.

The configuration options available are:

  • title: the title that will be displayed in large font in the infobar

  • subtitle: the subtitle that will be displayed in small font and all caps. Optional

  • description: a short writeup where you can elaborate a little more about the topic in the section. Optional

  • button: the text on the link that will appear on the bottom. Optional together with url

  • url: the URL the link points to. Optional together with button

  • image: the path to the image to be displayed in this section. Note that this image is compulsory. If you do not intend to use an image, use the infobar instead

  • alt: a description of what is in the image. Screen readers used by people with visual impairments will read this text aloud, allowing them to understand more fully what is on your site. Hence, to maintain a high standard of accessibility, this field is compulsory

Sample configuration of 2 infopics:

When you copy the configuration below and paste it in (homepage), remember to make sure that it is aligned with the other sections on the homepage!

    - infopic:
        title: Integrity
        subtitle: Core Values
        description: Integrity drives everything we do at the Ministry of ABC
        button: Learn More
        url: /core-values/
        image: /images/integrity.png
        alt: Members of the Ministry of ABC shaking hands
    - infopic:
        title: Professionalism
        subtitle: Core Values
        description: We strive to deliver work of the highest calibre
        button: Learn More
        url: /core-values/
        image: /images/professionalism.png
        alt: Members of the Ministry of ABC in suits

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