Creating a pull request

A pull request is essentially a request to update the content of the master branch to be in sync with the staging branch. To prevent defacement or other security incidents, we have instituted a policy where your pull request must be approved by at least 1 other user.

You can follow the steps below to create a pull request.

Step 1. Go to the Pull Request tab, click on New Pull Request

Step 2. Select base as master.

Step 3. Select your department Reviewers. This is located at the right side of the page. Remember to fill in the title of the pull request and description (if needed).

Step 4. Click on "Create pull request" button

Once you're done creating the pull request, you should alert your colleague or send him the link to the pull request page of the pull request for easy reference.

Pull requests takes in all the differences between your live and staging sites. Hence, you are not able to selectively choose what you'd like to publish. If you'd like to prepare your content in advance, we suggest that you keep it outside of Github.

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