This FAQ section covers only information relating to formatting your content or your site after you're onboarded.

For policy, compliance (IM8), cost, and other questions prior to onboarding to Isomer, please refer to our Official Website FAQ.

Can I schedule my changes to be published at a specific date/time?

Isomer does not support embargoing or scheduling of content to be published. However, what you could do is to prepare the content in advance, create a pull request and have it approved, and you can leave the last step of publishing (merging pull request) to the time you intend to publish your changes. You can simply log into your Github account on any internet device to publish it.

I heard of Isomer's free SSL cert service. How do I start using it?

Yes, we've launched free SSL cert provisioning service as of 14 October 2020 called IsomerSSL. If your agency is open to explore this option, do let us know by dropping us an email or an enquiry here.

How much does an SSL cert cost?

It depends on what SSL cert provider and the type of cert that you purchasing, it could range from $200 to $1000 a year.

With the recent release of free SSL cert provisioning tool on Isomer, agency can now opt to use free SSL cert issued by Let's Encrypt. Certs are renewed automatically every 3 months.

Does Isomer support Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Unfortunately no. The reason is because the use of GTM violates the Content Security Policy (CSP) we've set up to protect your site from SQL Injection or XXS attacks.

However, you can explore the use of Facebook Pixel, find our more here.

Am I on Isomer v1 or v2?

If your site is onboarded before mid 2019, you're likely on v1 of isomer.

To confirm this, you can check where your homepage is housed and edited. If your homepage is edited on homepage.yml file, you're on v1. If you're editing your homepage on file, you're on v2.

Can I use WOGAA or AskJamie on Isomer sites?

Yes, you can integrate WOGAA and AskJamie on Isomer sites.

For WOGAA, you can refer to our guide on setting up analytics.

For AskJamie, drop us an email, share your AskJamie code snippet and we'll configure it for you.

Can I change the font size or type?

No, Isomer provides ready-to-use template which has gone through rigorous UI and UX tests to ensure accessibility for all types of audiences, and hence you're unable to change the font type and sizes.

How do I verify my service on WOGAA?

After registering your site on WOGAA, you might have seen a status saying "Pending Implementation and Verification".

This is because you have yet to inform WOGAA that your site is hosted on Isomer and does not require code verification. Read more on the detailed instructions here.

WOGAA team will then manually toggle your WOGAA active on their end once they're are infoormed.

How do I back up my site for archiving purposes?

To keep a copy of your site content offline, you can download it in a zip file. To do so, follow the steps below

Go to your repository, usually with the URL

  1. Click on the Code button

  2. Select Download Zip option

Why no carousels?

This is because carousels are statistically proven to be not effective in conversion. A study was conducted and found that click-through rate reduced significantly after the first image. You can read more about it in this article.

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