Github Account Setup

You should get your Github account setup before starting to work on your first page

Before you can edit your Isomer site, you must create a GitHub account and be assigned the proper permissions.

The images in this guide may be outdated but the overall steps remains the same

Sign up

Go to Proceed to sign up for an account using your preferred email address and a professional username.

Select the free plan

  1. You will only need a basic account on GitHub to edit the content of your Isomer website.

  2. Under Choose your subscription, select Free to opt for the free plan.

  3. Click on Continue when the correct option is selected.

Tailor your experience

You do not need to tailor your experience at this moment. Click on skip this step

Verify your email

After signing up, go to your registered email address. You would've received an email to verify your email address.

Proceed with the verification.

Upon returning to GitHub, you will see a banner notification that your email is verified.

Next, you should make sure that you have your 2FA set up, find out more in the next page.

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