Create a new page

The next step after editing your first page is to create a new page! As you might recall, each Isomer Markdown file looks something like this:

title: FAQ
permalink: /faq/
Hello, Isomer! This is my very first edit!

The words between the 2 sets of triple dashes (---) is called the front matter.

The front matter is where you configure the title and url for each page. Most pages will only have these 2 options (title and permalink), but some pages, like the home page and contact us page, have more.

Permalink refers to the url of that particular page on your site. You will notice that permalink looks like this permalink: /my-page

Any pages on your site will have an URL that always starts with Hence, we've excluded all the details before / and you only have to specify the variable part of your site url.

Now that you know about the front matter, let's get started creating your new page!

Creating new page

  1. Head to the staging branch, and go into the pages folder.

  2. Click the 'Add a file' button (it's to the upper right hand corner). Select 'Create a new file'

  3. Give a file a name, such as

Note that your page is in Markdown format, hence the file name must end in .md. GitHub won't be able to automatically add that for you!

Next, insert your content

Now that you have named the file, you're free to add your content.

You could copy and paste the Markdown above, or write your own!

If your site already has a page with the permalink /faq/, remember to change the permalink to something else! One of the 2 pages will not be accessible if they have the same permalinks.

Permalinks are the url of your page. On isomer, you only have to specify the variable part of your page URL since all the pages will start with the same domain.

For example The permalink is /my-page

Click the commit button to save the changes

Once you're done, enter a commit message, make sure the 'Commit directly to the staging branch.' option is selected, and hit the green commit button. Just as before, your changes are now accessible on the staging site! (you might need to enter the permalink directly into the address bar)

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