Site Access

Now that your GitHub account is all set up. You will need access to your site to start editing.

To gain access, email the Isomer Team at and let us know your GitHub username and which website you're managing.

UPDATE - Jan 2021

You can now grant yourself access to your repository through a FormSG form. If your email is not whitelisted in the verification step, let us know.

Upon being added to the repository, you will receive an invite on your registered email.

Besides email, you can visit, look for a button at the top right hand corner of the page and click that button to accept the invitation.

Accept the invitation

Click on Join Isomer and you are all set!

You will now see a banner notifying you You are now a member of Isomer!

What are the user access types?

All users on Isomer holds the same access type, editor access.

With editor access, you'll be able to make changes to your site, create a pull request before you launch it, and approve someone else's request.

We do not provide pages specific restricted access but do note that all changes are tracked (even a single full stop you add to or remove from the page). That being said, do make changes to your site responsibly as all these changes are being tracked.

All isomer team members are admin users (with the ability to create new site, add and remove users, and grant permissions to users)

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