The resource room is an Isomer functionality that allows you to easily publish posts periodically, such as speeches and media releases. The resource room section will automatically feature the 3 latests posts on the home page.

To prevent duplication, the number of resource room sections is limited to a maximum of 1. There will be a link that leads to the full resource room page where all posts can be accessed. The location of this link cannot be changed.

The configuration options available are:

  • title: the title of the section, usually the name of your resource room. Optional

  • subtitle: the subtitle that will be displayed in small font and all caps above the title. Optional

  • button: the text on the link that will lead to the full resource room page. Optional, defaults to "MORE" if unspecified

Sample configuration of a resource room section:

- resources:
    title: Media
    subtitle: Learn more
    button: View More

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