Site Launch

Ready to launch your site?

Let us know in advance (ideally 2 weeks) prior to when you’d like to launch the site. If you need the site to be up urgently, let us know when we’re onboarding you onto isomer or as soon as possible so we can prepare in advance.

Step 1.

We’ll generate a CSR for your to purchase your own SSL cert and provide your CNAME and A-record for you to update your DNS records on the domain you’ve purchased.

We’ve recently launched our free SSL cert provisioning/renewal service, if you’d like to explore that option, let us know!

Step 2.

Send us your SSL cert and we’ll install in on our CDN (this step could be skipped if you’re using our free SSL cert)

Step 3.

Make the necessary updates on your DNS records. We will require you to create 2 records:

  1. CNAME: will point to our CDN which will serve your content

  2. A-record: will point to our redirection server which does redirecting of content from http -> https and non-www to www.

Step 4.

Isomer team will update our CDN and in 15 mins, your site will be live!

The time taken for Step 4 may be longer (up to 1hr) if you're using IsomerSSL as it will take some time for verification of domain behind the scenes.