Resources with v2 migration

If your site has been migrated to v2 and has been informed of the resources change, do note the following change if you'd like to create new resource pages on Github.

If your site has been migrated to v2 and you have been informed of the resource change, you will also have to change the way your name your resources pages.

This is only applicable to users with resource migration

How it looks like on regular v2 site: {YYYY-MM-DD}-{title}.md

How it looks like on CMS v2 site: {YYYY-MM-DD}-{category type}-{title}.md

Some examples below:

Category type can be either file or post

file - if this resource post is a downloadable post (when user click on the tile, they will either download the a=ba = b file or open a new tab in browser to view the pdf file), see example below on website.

post - when a user click on the resource tile, they will be led to a post like what you see below

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