General FAQs

New to isomer? Here are some FAQs that may be relevant to you.

Is Isomer IM8 compliant?

Isomer is compliant to applicable clauses on IM8. However, if you have specific question about certain IM8 policy, do reach out to the team to have them answered. Or if you have security related question, you can read the Security FAQs.

Is Isomer really free?

Realistically, isomer does cost us some money, but we believe that public officers' time are more worthy than us recovering the infrastructure cost of running isomer. Hence, we've decided to make isomer free, saving public officers the needs to go through strenuous procurement process.

However, do not that domain purchase is not part of isomer's platform so you still have to procure those on your own.

What is a sitemap

A sitemap is a high level overview of how your site should look like. This includes how many pages and if there are groups of pages which would be parked under a category.

An example of a simple sitemap

Sitemap helps you plan the content structure of your site and also makes it easier for the isomer team to generate a template that can immediately match your needs.

You can also choose the default template we generate for you, but that means you'll have to rename files, add new folders and do more customisation on your own. The guides on customising your sites is also available in the follow sections.

Who handles the migration?

Your agency will be responsible for choosing what content to migrate and also the migration of the content. GovTech will support your agency by providing training.

I am not a public officer, can I use Isomer?

Unfortunately Isomer is only available for government agencies of the Singapore Government. However, if you're interested in using isomer's template or framework for you own development use, you can always refer to our repositories on Github. Our codebase and opensourced.

I am a vendor who is participating in a tender from a government agency, can you help?

We will not be able to provide details beyond what was provided on our official website and in this guide, please reach out the officers whom you're liaising with for further details

What are the user access types?

All users on isomer holds the same access type, editor access. What this means is that you'll be able to make changes to your site, create a pull request before you launch it, and approve someone else's request.

We do not provide pages restricted access but do note that all changes are tracked (even a single full stop you add to or remove from the page). That being said, do make changes to your site responsibly as all these changes are being tracked.

Can I schedule my changes to be published at certain date/time?

Isomer does not support embargoing or scheduling of content to be published. However, what you could do is to prepare the content in advance, create a pull request and have it approved, and you can leave the last step of publishing (merging pull request) to the time you intend to publish your changes. You can simply log into your Github account on any internet device to publish it.

I heard of Isomer's free SSL cert service. How do I start using it?

Yes, we've launched free SSL cert provisioning service as of 14 October 2020 called IsomerSSL. If your agency is open to explore this option, do let us know by dropping us an email or an enquiry here.

How much does an SSL cert cost?

It depends on what SSL cert provider and the type of cert that you purchasing, it could range from $200 to $1000 a year.

With the recent release of free SSL cert provisioning tool on Isomer, agency can now opt to use free SSL cert issued by Let's Encrypt. Certs are renewed automatically every 3 months.

Does Isomer support Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Unfortunately no. The reason is because the use of GTM violates the Content Security Policy (CSP) we've set up to protect your site from SQL Injection or XXS attacks.

However, you can explore the use of Facebook Pixel, find our more here.

Am I on Isomer v1 or v2?

If your site is onboarded before mid 2019, you're likely on v1 of isomer.

To confirm this, you can check where your homepage is housed and edited. If your homepage is edited on homepage.yml file, you're on v1. If you're editing your homepage on file, you're on v2.

Can I use WOGAA or AskJamie on Isomer sites?

Yes, you can integrate WOGAA and AskJamie on Isomer sites, just let the team know and we'll configure it for you.